Thursday, 9 September 2010

Who is YOUR style icon?

Style Icons. Whether it be your favourite actress, model, soap star, or presenter, everyone has their favourite. If someone asked me who mine was, I'd have to give two answers; Gizzi Erskine and Victoria White. If you don't know who they are (HOW COULD YOU NOT?!), Gizzi is a TV chef and cookery presenter, and Victoria is the Editor of Company Magazine. Both are huge inspirations to me in the fashion stakes, just because they don't follow the norm.

Gizzi Erskine is one of the most stylish people around at the moment, and one of things I love is that she knows her own style, and isn't afraid to wear something a little bit different. Gizzi has the amazing ability to pull off outfits that wouldn't suit anyone else, and with her gorgeous fresh faced beauty, it's easy to see why so many people admire her. What I also adore is that whether she's going to a red carpet event, or presenting on the Television, her fashion shines through, and shows just how much of a fashionista she really is. I love her vintage/60's twist, especially her super cute dresses, brogues and her statement beehive hairstyle. Definitely a true style icon in my eyes.

My other icon, Victoria White, is just as stylish and beautiful as Gizzi but in a completely different way. Looking through her Editor Style Spy blog on the Company website, I always get a huge case of the green eyed monster. Showcasing designers such as L.K Bennett, Whistles and Reiss, makes her style that little bit more special. Whether she's wearing satin black trousers and a white ruffled blouse, a knee length skirt and blouse, or just a plain t-shirt and cropped jeans, Victoria always looks, well, stylish. Don't get the wrong idea though, she also wears many different high street labels as well, such as New Look and River Island. She's got to be fashionable in her job, and I definitely think she's managed to do just that.

So, that's who my favourite style icons are, what about everyone elses? Would love to know, I'm extremely interested to know :)



  1. hmm i'm not sure who my style icon is though Daisy Lowe is looking awesome these days!


  2. i think i'd have to say alexa chung, i just love how she dresses without regard for trends!

  3. Victoria White is awesome isnt she?! :) x

    yess, I love Daisy Lowe as well, she always looks super cute whatever she wears! x

    alexa chung manages to pull of everything, so jealous!!