Friday, 19 November 2010

a day in pictures.

This one is my favourite ^^

Ah, I do adore London life


Thursday, 18 November 2010

I love London.

Anyone that knows me will tell you how much I love London, and everything about it. I just find it all so fantastic, and I adore how busy and bustling it gets. The shops are 10 times better than the ones here at Southampton, and the atmosphere is just brilliant. I went there for the day yesterday with my friend, Hayley, and fell in love with it even more. There are christmas decorations up in some of the shops, and I honestly felt like I could stay there forever. It's somewhere I really want to live when I've graduated from University, and even though I'm pretty useless with the tube, and trying to understand it all, I think it's something I'd get used too.

I love Covent Garden. I love Topshop. I love the atmosphere. I love the sights. I love that the magazine buildings are there. I love the christmas feeling. I love the decorations. I love the black cabs. I love the tube. I love how you feel part of it all, even if you've only been there once. I love that you'll always bump into someone that's famous/well known. I love that London is the city everyone wants to be a part of.

Being ambitious and knowing where you want to end up in life is incredibly important, and I don't think I could just go through life not knowing what I wanted to be. I have to have some sort of action plan, and a dream to aim towards. I've not always been like this, as when I was at school I really didn't care, but now I've opened my eyes, worked hard and I'm getting there slowly but surely. You've got to go out there and grab every single opportunity with both hands, no matter how small it may be. Climbing the ladder to get to the top is something everyone has to do, and it's great to know that in doing that, you're showing just how passionate and dedicated you really are.

So, in a few years I want to end up working for Company magazine. I don't particularly mind what I do, or what department I'm in, I just know that's where I want to end up. It's a nice fluffy aim, and it isn't something that I won't achieve. Screw the woman that said we shouldn't be reading Company magazine. It's my favourite magazine, and if I want to read it, then I bloody well will.

What are your dreams? Where do you want to end up in a few years? I'd love to know!


Monday, 15 November 2010

things that make me smile.

I'm loving life at the moment, and everything that is happening in it. The smallest things make me smile, and I'm pretty lucky to have some incredibly amazing people to share everything with. I might moan a lot, and get pretty negative at times, but that doesn't mean I'm grateful, because I truly am. Here are some pictures that make me think of the good times, and then just pictures of things that make me smile, or I think they're just pretty cute.

1) The thought that Christmas is literally only round the corner. It's getting dark early, the christmas decorations are getting put up, & I saw the Coca Cola advert last night; perfect.

2) New York is in 17 days, and I'm so incredibly excited. I've always wanted to go there, and eeeeek, I'm going to buy/see SO much! I so hope it snows, it'll be so pretty!

3) Hot chocolate and marshmallows on a cold winters night. Is there anything more perfect than that? No, I don't think so :)

4) Cute gold jewellery. I don't wear it that often, but when I do, I just love it. Especially cute little owls.

5) Little compliments that make you smile, and make your day. It's nice to hear because it shows there are still lovely people in the world.

6) I adore Lady Gaga, and I love this quote. It sums up everything perfectly, and just goes to show you shouldn't judge someone just because of what they look like.


Sunday, 14 November 2010

new outfit.

Ah, so sorry I've been distant from blog world. So much Uni work to complete, and deadlines are looming. New York is also getting closer as I speak, and I'm so disorganised it's unreal. (Super excited though!!). Anyway, in the midst of a manic life, I've been naughty and bought another new dress, and it's from good ole ASOS. I saw Victoria White wearing it on the Company website, and instantly fell in love with how cute it is.

I love the sixties feel to it, and the white collar just adds to the cuteness of it all. It was £36, but with my friends NUS number, I got a sweet £7.20 off it. Not bad, even if I do say so myself :)

I look like a bit of a goon in these pictures, but as you all know, I NEVER do outfit posts, so forgive me! Although, you can kinda see my purple hair in the bottom one!

Talking of New York, I bought some adorable boots the other day from New Look. For a neat price of £17.99, I couldn't really say no!

I swear I have a shopping addiction; no word of a lie.

Anyone else bought anything new recently?

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A subject close to my heart..


I was bullied when I was at primary school, and then again when I was at secondary school. I'm not afraid to talk about it, and I certainly know that I wasn't the one in the wrong. At the time, I was frightened, confused and weirded out by the fact the people could be so cruel. Bullying has never been resolved, and to this day it's still a huge problem. Bullies are spineless, gutless and incredibly cruel; and you know what? They're jealous. They are jealous of whoever they pick on, and yes they'll never say that out loud, but that's what it comes down to. They victimise people that they see as easy targets, and they hope that they'll manage to turn everyone against them.

People shouldn't be made to feel like they have done something wrong, or that they asked to be bullied. No one deserves to feel like rubbish, and no one should be too scared to go to school/work the next day. Imagine lying in bed, physically terrified of what is going to be waiting for you the next day? It's disgusting how these sick people get pleasure out of someone else's pain, and I honestly feel it's about time something was resolved.

The reason I'm talking about this particular subject on my blog is because I'm writing an assignment for my degree, a subject that was real life and would be of interest to readers. So that is why I chose bullying. I want to highlight just how dangerous it can be, and what the outcomes can be. I've read far too many stores in the Newspapers about how school children are committing suicide because bullies are making their lives a misery. How is this acceptable? What right do they have to make someone feel that small?

Everyone is equal, and everyone is as fantastic as each other. Bullies need to have some sense taken into their brains, and made to realise that targeting someone just because they may be different, just isn't right. It isn't big, and it certainly isn't clever. When I was in primary school, I was far too young to realise why I was being bullied. I had never done anything wrong, and I never bothered anyone. I was just a little girl, minding my own business, and going to school just like everyone else. I guess I was seen as an easy target, and maybe I should of toughened up, but then again, why should I have had too?

That isn't who I am, and it's someone I will never become. I wasn't like that in secondary school, where I was bullied because of something I apparently said. In the end, the truth came out and everyone realised it was just silly rumours. However, by that time the damage had already been done. I guess I just want people to realise that bullies need to be taken down a peg or two. Made to realise that what they do isn't right, and that they should step into their victims shoes and see what it's really like.

Bullying isn't clever, and whoever thinks they're being funny by making fun of someone, seriously needs to reconsider their priorities, before someone gets seriously hurt.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Loads of things at once..

So yesterday, I finally got round to buying my copy of Glamour Magazine, and bagged myself the free nail varnish that everyone has been going on about. I was after Savile Row because it looked such a gorgeous colour, and I was 100% right. I applied it last night, and it's the most beautiful colour I've ever seen. It applied really easily, and didn't take that long to dry either; result! (& the colour matches my newly dyed hair) ;)

On another note, I also bought Cosmopolitan as well and wow, one of the best issues by far. As we all know, Cosmo is mainly all about sex, men and relationships, and while the majority of it this month was still all about those particular subjects, there was also stories in there that really got me thinking. The Cosmo Ultimate Women Awards took place only a few days ago, and reading all about how inspirational they are really made me think how much I take for granted. Will post another blog post about this later on, just because I have so much to say about it. Basically, I loved it! :)

Speaking of Cosmo, I'm going to London this Wednesday to interview Rosie Mullender, who is Senior Features Editor there. The reason for it is for one of my Uni assignments, where we have to interview someone in the Industry. The reason I chose Rosie is because I love reading her monthly column in the magazine, and also because she's doing the job that I want to do when I graduate from University. To say I'm scared would be a complete understatement, as I'm totally rubbish at interviews! So fingers crossed it all goes okay, and wish me luck! Eeek :)

Speaking of Uni, it is seriously stressing me out. I have SO much work to complete, and deadlines are looming. I'm determined to get the majority of my work completed before I go to New York, which means I seriously have to get my head down and work super hard! This is the only thing that's stopping me from getting stupidly excited about the Big Apple! Gah, I hate pressure.

Anyway, I'm suppose to be planning features and starting my essay, but once again, I've been side tracked with blogging. Hope you're all having a super fab weekend!

p.s, if you buy Cosmo, or have already bought it, let me know what you thought of it all :)


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Life's little pleasures.

Life is a very precious thing, so every so often I'm going to compile a list of all the things I love, and remind myself to try and not take anything for granted anymore. Here goes...

1) Lovely lunches with my best friends, and putting the world to right.
2) Spending the day inside, watching Friends re runs, and being all cosy, while it's pouring with rain outside.
3) Waking up to copious amounts of text messages.
4) Compliments. Ones that you don't expect, and that make you smile for the rest of the day.
5) Feeling proud because you've achieved something, and you've done something well.
6) The thought of Christmas.
7) Doing a good deed for someone else. It's good karma, right?
8) Wearing slouchy clothes, and eating too much chocolate for your own good. Everyone needs an off day.
9) Going home to see my family every two weeks, it's such a nice break from the norm of University.
10) Dancing to the loudest music possible, and not particularly caring who can see you.

What do YOU love? Any little pleasures that you have?