Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Who is the most powerful?

Two of my favourite American Magazine Editors, yet the most important question remains; who IS the most powerful in the Magazine Industry? Cindi Leive is the editor of Glamour, and Anna Wintour is of course, Editor of Vogue. They are both fiesty, strong willed and extremely talented, yet I just cannot put my finger on who shines the most. Many people would straight away say Anna Wintour is the queen of Magazines, but there's something that makes me think she isn't. Okay, so not everyone knows who Cindi Leive is, and alright so I don't live in New York and buy American Glamour, but she's still as good as Editor as Wintour. Both magazines are hugely popular, and they both focus on pretty much the same topics.

Leive, to me, is totally fabulous. I read somewhere that not long after she was appointed the role of Editor, the sales of Glamour rose dramatically. She seems to have contacts in ALL the right places, more so than most people, and she geninuelly seems like a lovely person. However, to be in such a high role, I guess you've got to learn not to take any crap. Cindi Leive is an extremely powerful woman, and I honestly think she can be as good as Anna, maybe even better. Give her time, and some credit, and she could prove that there is talent other than Wintour.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a massive fan of Anna, and hand on heart, I think she's pretty amazing. I've seen interviews with her on Television shows, and I've watched The September Issue god knows how many times. It's fair to say that she's a bit of a legend. Also, I love telling everyone I see that I was at the same fashion show as her at Paris Fashion Week; that always starts off a great conversation! Anyway, she's powerful, she's hard, and very very difficult to please. I'd be too scared to work for her after watching her on TV, yet at the same time, she intrigues me.

There is more to her than meets the eye, and after seeing her more vunerable side on The September Issue, I honestly don't think she's as nasty as many people make her out to be. To be honest, I admire both of these Editors as much as possible, and I do think it's hard to pick who's made their mark on America the most. Many would say Wintour, but I'm guessing there's probably loads that would pick Leive.

Who knows? All I know is that they are both brilliant in the roles that they have, and they are two people I totally aspire to be like.

Is anyone else as interested in Magazines as I am? Or am I just totally obsessed because of the degree I'm doing? Would love to hear all your thoughts, and what Editor you like the best!


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