Friday, 17 September 2010

Some guys will never change.

Once a cheater, always a cheater? I've always been a firm believer in this saying, and after the copious amounts of stars that have been in the News recently, I'm sticking by it even more. Love rats seem to be the new generation at the moment, and we just can't get away from them. These celebrities are constantly in the public eye, earning the respect of thousands of fans, yet their cheating ways are doing nothing for their career.

It's probably one of the most heartbreaking things to catch your husband cheating on you with another woman, but to find out via the Newspaper headlines? Well, that just makes it about 100 times worse than it already is.

First it was Victoria Beckham. Then Toni Terry, Abbey Clancey, Elin Nordegren and of course, Cheryl Cole. Now, it's the turn of Coleen Rooney, who's husband Wayne has just cheated on her for the second time. It's obvious he simply cannot keep a rein on his roving eye, and this has led to harrowing consequences.

Any normal person that finds out their husband is cheating has the grace of keeping it private, but not everyone has that luxury. Being in the public eye 24/7 means you have the disadvantage of everyone knowing your business. Of course they knew what they were letting themselves in for when they became famous, but that really isn't the point to be honest.

Guys think they have the right to get away with treating their wives/girlfriends like a pile of rubbish, and that if they cheat on them with another women, then there is no way they will ever get found out. WRONG! No one deserves to be treated like shit, and if your guy is a serial love rat, then throw him out that door straight away.

Coleen Rooney has everyone's sympathy at the moment, because as well as finding out he's cheated once again, she's also got a young son to think about. Imagine finding out that your husband was cheating on you WHILE you were pregnant with his baby? How ruthless and disgusting is that? So many women don't want to have sex while they are pregnant, well, that certainly doesn't give guys the right to go and find it from someone else.

She should take a leaf out of Cheryl Cole's book and throw Wayne Rooney out of the door faster than he can say "I'm sorry babe, it won't happen again." He should be extremely ashamed of himself, because he's not only made himself look like a prat, but what kind of example is he setting for his young son? He's not big, he's not clever, and he's not even particularly good looking. (Who wants a Shrek lookalike?)

Girls, chuck your guys if they aren't treating you right. Everyone deserves so much better, and you all know that deep down. It is hard to let go, but if you look beyond the heartache and devastation, then you'll finally start to realise there IS nice guys out there somewhere.

Anyway, a leopard never really changes his spots, does he?

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