Monday, 13 September 2010

My A/W wish list

So, it looks like Autumn has officially hit us, and although the thought of dreary and cold evenings used to fill me with dread, it's a completely different matter this year. Trawling through all of my favourite fashion websites, I've seen so many super cute winter clothes and shoes, well, I'm almost looking forward to the cold nights! I thought I would combine an A/W wishlist, piled with the things that I love, and that caught my eye as soon as I saw them. Won't do wonders for my bank balance, but, what's wrong with having no money when I'm looking super cosy, right?!

Grey Piped Military Coat, £65. Next

love love LOVE this. I'm SO tempted to buy it!

Knitted Crystal Turn Back Top, £42. Topshop.

Although it's a little pricey, I just think it's super cute and cosy!

Denim Stud Straight Jeans, £39.99. River Island.

River Island do some amazing jeans, and team these with some pretty flats/cute boots, they'd be gorgeous!

Austin Extended Cuff Boots, £65. Topshop.

Don't normally go for boots like these, but there's something so beautiful about them. ADORE.

Knitted Aran Cardigan, £48. Topshop.

I have been lusting after this little beauty for AGES, so I think I'm going to have to buy it!!

So there you have it! My little A/W wish list, filled with clothes/shoes that I want to have in my wardrobe, but not too sure whether my poor bank balance will stretch to it all. Hey, I can always splash out on a couple of things, can't I?!

What about you girls? Got anything special on your A/W wish list? Would love to hear/see :)


  1. loving the boots and the cardi! x

  2. i know, they are both super cute! so expensive though :/ xx!

  3. Wow I want the knitted crystal top! it's cute but also looks so comfy and warm = Perfect! ^.^


  4. eee I know, it's adorable! :D xx

  5. i'm also wanting the cardi from topshop (:
    thanks for posting a link to my site on your 'to do list' tab. means a lot.

  6. i love it, it's so cute and snuggly :)

    aaw that's okay, it's a fab idea so you deserve to be credited for it :)