Sunday, 26 September 2010


Everyone always says they have the best friends in the world, but I can honestly say hand on heart, that I think I do. The friends that I have met since I started at University are just amazing, and I couldn't of asked for better. I have no idea why I started thinking about friends and friendships in general, but for whatever reason I did, and I thought I'd write a little blog post about how important they are to everyone's lives.

Without friendships, the world would be an extremely lonely place to be. Where would I be without our weekly fixes of Nandos, our regular shopping trips to West Quay, our nights out and our cosy nights in. Life really wouldn't be the same, and I know full well that I'm speaking on behalf of everyone when I highlight this particular point. Friends are like family to so many of us, and they are people we choose to share our lives with. We share good news, bad news, gossip, what we missed on the television, etc etc.

The truth is, friends are a hugely important part of us. We lose some, we gain some. Throughout life, we finally see who is meant to be with us, and who isn't. The people that are worth knowing until we are old and grey, and sharing stories of the night we got absolutely wasted in Wahoo. I know full well that the friends I have at the moment, are the kind of people I want to know until I die. I now know what everyone meant when they said "Uni friends are for life".

So the reason for this blog post is to show my love to the amazing friends I have in my life at the moment. To say thank you for being there for me, for sharing some of the best laughs and memories as well. I could sit here forever and list every little hilarious thing, but I honestly think I'd be here all evening.

So if you've got fantastic friends in your life, tell them. Say how much you appreciate them, love them, and thank them for the good times. If they are good enough friends, then they'll be there for you through thick and thin.

Let's all celebrate the true meaning of friendship!


Friday, 24 September 2010

Style Crush: Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker has always been a huge style icon of mine, and I literally cannot count how many times I've wished I was her (or owned her wardrobe!!). Ever since I first saw her in Sex and the City, she's been the envy of many girls all over the world. Her dresses are classy, and breathtakingly beautiful, the handbags are world class, and please do not get me started on her collection of stunning shoes. There are so many people out there that continously go on about how ugly she is, but it's something I've always disagreed on. Okay, so she isn't "oh my god" beautiful, but she certainly isn't ugly; far from it to be honest.

It's 100% jealousy, and I really do think it's quite pathetic. There is so much hate these days, and I just don't understand why. Half of it is probably because she's so successful and well known, and her fans outrule the ones that don't like her.

As well as her classically fabulous wardrobe, I also love her as an actress. As well as her main roles in SATC, there are a handful of her other films I've just adored. She's a true born actress, and plays all of her roles so perfectly. She always manages to put her all into everything she does, and I definitely think it all comes through when she's acting.

Sarah Jessica Parker is definitely a true legend, and a very fashionable one at that!


Monday, 20 September 2010


I feel v.bad for neglecting my blog these past couple of days, but I've been stupidly busy trying to sort everything out for University. I didn't realise going into second year and moving into my flat would be so hectic, but it's all exciting so I don't mind too much! Anyway, I promise that it'll all be back to normal soon, and I will be back to blogging like regular. Even though it's been a couple of days since my last blog post, I hate not posting things on a regular basis. Especially as this is so important for my degree, but these things can't be helped I suppose!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, and I'll be back soon (:


Friday, 17 September 2010

Some guys will never change.

Once a cheater, always a cheater? I've always been a firm believer in this saying, and after the copious amounts of stars that have been in the News recently, I'm sticking by it even more. Love rats seem to be the new generation at the moment, and we just can't get away from them. These celebrities are constantly in the public eye, earning the respect of thousands of fans, yet their cheating ways are doing nothing for their career.

It's probably one of the most heartbreaking things to catch your husband cheating on you with another woman, but to find out via the Newspaper headlines? Well, that just makes it about 100 times worse than it already is.

First it was Victoria Beckham. Then Toni Terry, Abbey Clancey, Elin Nordegren and of course, Cheryl Cole. Now, it's the turn of Coleen Rooney, who's husband Wayne has just cheated on her for the second time. It's obvious he simply cannot keep a rein on his roving eye, and this has led to harrowing consequences.

Any normal person that finds out their husband is cheating has the grace of keeping it private, but not everyone has that luxury. Being in the public eye 24/7 means you have the disadvantage of everyone knowing your business. Of course they knew what they were letting themselves in for when they became famous, but that really isn't the point to be honest.

Guys think they have the right to get away with treating their wives/girlfriends like a pile of rubbish, and that if they cheat on them with another women, then there is no way they will ever get found out. WRONG! No one deserves to be treated like shit, and if your guy is a serial love rat, then throw him out that door straight away.

Coleen Rooney has everyone's sympathy at the moment, because as well as finding out he's cheated once again, she's also got a young son to think about. Imagine finding out that your husband was cheating on you WHILE you were pregnant with his baby? How ruthless and disgusting is that? So many women don't want to have sex while they are pregnant, well, that certainly doesn't give guys the right to go and find it from someone else.

She should take a leaf out of Cheryl Cole's book and throw Wayne Rooney out of the door faster than he can say "I'm sorry babe, it won't happen again." He should be extremely ashamed of himself, because he's not only made himself look like a prat, but what kind of example is he setting for his young son? He's not big, he's not clever, and he's not even particularly good looking. (Who wants a Shrek lookalike?)

Girls, chuck your guys if they aren't treating you right. Everyone deserves so much better, and you all know that deep down. It is hard to let go, but if you look beyond the heartache and devastation, then you'll finally start to realise there IS nice guys out there somewhere.

Anyway, a leopard never really changes his spots, does he?

Live webchat with Company Magazine Editor

On the Company Website today, there was a chance to have a live webchat with the Editor of Company Magazine, Victoria White. It was basically for everyone who is aspiring Journalists or Magazine Editors, who had questions, worries, queries about their future career paths. I think this is such a fantastic idea, and a brilliant opportunity for all of us to talk to someone who has been through what we are experiencing at the moment. Although I couldn't make it between 1pm-2pm, I submitted my question last night, and got a reply today. As you will all know, I am currently looking for some Work Experience, but I am having no luck whatsoever. So who better to ask for advice then Victoria?

I have to say, she really is the coolest and loveliest Magazine Editor if I'm being honest. Not many take the time out of their busy schedules to talk to us readers! So, a HUGE thumbs up to her :)

She gave me some great tips, and told me to keep on trying. I was very pleased with the result, and I definitely will keep on emailing magazines, no matter how frustrating it may get! Anyway, the whole point of this particular blog post is that I think webchats between Editors and readers is an idea that should definitely stay permanent. Obviously it's not something that could be done all the time, but every once in a while, I think it should be offered to us via their websites.

It doesn't take long, and it's not hard to do, and if it's giving us advice, and some brilliant tips, then shouldn't it be something that everyone should start to do? I'm definitely one for it, because if I'm being honest, I need all the help I can get. And who better than to get it from then a real life Magazine Editor?

Does anyone else think this would be a really good idea for magazines to do, or am I the only one? Let me know what you all think, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts :)


Clothes time!

I haven't blogged in a couple of days, mainly because I actually haven't been doing all that much! Apart from travelling back and forth to Southampton, sorting out my stuff to take back to the flat, and not a lot else, I wasn't going to bore you all! Anyway, I've been shopping again today (naughty naughty!!), and I came home with only one item, which is so good for me, and my bank balance!
It's not the best picture in the world, but it'll have to do for now I'm afraid. I got this little beauty from H&M, and although some may think it's a little pricey for what it is, I didn't think £24.99 was TOO dreadful. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love with it almost straight away. It's so delicate and adorable, and perfect for wearing with leggings and flats for a cute and casual day to day look, and then teamed with black high heels for a cheeky night out! Perfect, right?!

This is just a zoomed in view of the design on the front of the top. It's so beautiful isn't it? It totally sets off the shirt as a whole, and I just feel it makes an otherwise boring top come completely alive. You can't see the back of the top, but it has a little hole right at the top, with a tiny little button. It's attention to details like these that capture my eye, and has me zooming straight to the check out!

After my next blog post, I probably won't be blogging for a few days. I'm going back to University this Sunday, and then it'll be Freshers Week, so I'm going to be manic busy. I promise that I won't be neglecting it for long, but just until I'm all properly settled into my flat, and then it'll be business as usual- pinky promise :)


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Who is the most powerful?

Two of my favourite American Magazine Editors, yet the most important question remains; who IS the most powerful in the Magazine Industry? Cindi Leive is the editor of Glamour, and Anna Wintour is of course, Editor of Vogue. They are both fiesty, strong willed and extremely talented, yet I just cannot put my finger on who shines the most. Many people would straight away say Anna Wintour is the queen of Magazines, but there's something that makes me think she isn't. Okay, so not everyone knows who Cindi Leive is, and alright so I don't live in New York and buy American Glamour, but she's still as good as Editor as Wintour. Both magazines are hugely popular, and they both focus on pretty much the same topics.

Leive, to me, is totally fabulous. I read somewhere that not long after she was appointed the role of Editor, the sales of Glamour rose dramatically. She seems to have contacts in ALL the right places, more so than most people, and she geninuelly seems like a lovely person. However, to be in such a high role, I guess you've got to learn not to take any crap. Cindi Leive is an extremely powerful woman, and I honestly think she can be as good as Anna, maybe even better. Give her time, and some credit, and she could prove that there is talent other than Wintour.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a massive fan of Anna, and hand on heart, I think she's pretty amazing. I've seen interviews with her on Television shows, and I've watched The September Issue god knows how many times. It's fair to say that she's a bit of a legend. Also, I love telling everyone I see that I was at the same fashion show as her at Paris Fashion Week; that always starts off a great conversation! Anyway, she's powerful, she's hard, and very very difficult to please. I'd be too scared to work for her after watching her on TV, yet at the same time, she intrigues me.

There is more to her than meets the eye, and after seeing her more vunerable side on The September Issue, I honestly don't think she's as nasty as many people make her out to be. To be honest, I admire both of these Editors as much as possible, and I do think it's hard to pick who's made their mark on America the most. Many would say Wintour, but I'm guessing there's probably loads that would pick Leive.

Who knows? All I know is that they are both brilliant in the roles that they have, and they are two people I totally aspire to be like.

Is anyone else as interested in Magazines as I am? Or am I just totally obsessed because of the degree I'm doing? Would love to hear all your thoughts, and what Editor you like the best!


Monday, 13 September 2010

My A/W wish list

So, it looks like Autumn has officially hit us, and although the thought of dreary and cold evenings used to fill me with dread, it's a completely different matter this year. Trawling through all of my favourite fashion websites, I've seen so many super cute winter clothes and shoes, well, I'm almost looking forward to the cold nights! I thought I would combine an A/W wishlist, piled with the things that I love, and that caught my eye as soon as I saw them. Won't do wonders for my bank balance, but, what's wrong with having no money when I'm looking super cosy, right?!

Grey Piped Military Coat, £65. Next

love love LOVE this. I'm SO tempted to buy it!

Knitted Crystal Turn Back Top, £42. Topshop.

Although it's a little pricey, I just think it's super cute and cosy!

Denim Stud Straight Jeans, £39.99. River Island.

River Island do some amazing jeans, and team these with some pretty flats/cute boots, they'd be gorgeous!

Austin Extended Cuff Boots, £65. Topshop.

Don't normally go for boots like these, but there's something so beautiful about them. ADORE.

Knitted Aran Cardigan, £48. Topshop.

I have been lusting after this little beauty for AGES, so I think I'm going to have to buy it!!

So there you have it! My little A/W wish list, filled with clothes/shoes that I want to have in my wardrobe, but not too sure whether my poor bank balance will stretch to it all. Hey, I can always splash out on a couple of things, can't I?!

What about you girls? Got anything special on your A/W wish list? Would love to hear/see :)

Sunday, 12 September 2010


life is beautiful. life is precious. life is something we should all celebrate. life is too short to sit around and be miserable. who wants to waste something that might end tomorrow? we all need to make the most of everything that we have, however small it may seem. there are different things and people that make you stop and realise what you have. family are people who will always be behind you, no matter what. it doesn't matter what decisions you make, or what opportunites you take, your family will always support you. friends are people we choose, the people that we get on with more than anyone else. friends are extremely important to have, because life would be awfully boring without people that made you laugh constantly. certain events throughout life affect everyone in different ways, and you've got to pick yourself up and start again. life certainly isn't easy, and there will always be things that will trip you up, send you into a crisis, and stress you out completely, but it will all fit together at the end. life is beautiful, life can be amazing at times, and if we let it, life can be the best thing in the world.

so, smile through the bad times, dance like no one is watching, sing at the top of your voice, tell everyone you love them, do something everyday that scares you, because an adrenlin rush once in a while is always needed. no one said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

9/11 ♥

So 9 years ago today, 3,000 lives were taken away. It feels like only yesterday that I walked into my friends front room, on my first day of high school, and saw the horrific events unfolding on the Television screen. To this day, it still absolutely disgusts me that this actually happened, and so many innocent lives were destroyed. Nobody asks to be killed, just like nobody wanted 9th September 2001 to be remembered for all the wrong reasons. I cannot begin to imagine what the families were going through when they saw what was happening on the TV, through their windows or standing in front of the World Trade Centres. It was bad enough for us in England having to see the pain, trauma and shock on the victims faces through the TV screen, but to be there in New York, seeing it as it happened? Just horrendous.

Imagine being so scared, and so frightened of what is happening, that you have no control over anything. You know that you are going to die, but there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it from happening. You don't know what's going on, or why it's going on, all you know that something truly horrific is taking place, and you don't know why. I was extremely close to tears watching it on the Television, and watching those poor people jumping from the buildings to the ground, well, I can't even put into words how sad and shocking it really was.

9 years ago today, and 3,000 lives were gone. 3,000 people that had so much to live for, to celebrate, to enjoy their lives. 3,000 families, mothers, daughters, sons, friends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, lost someone exceptionally close to them. I cannot begin to comprehend how they feel every single year, or how they felt on that particular day.

All I can do is give respect, and remember how incredibly lucky I really am.

RIP everyone that passed away 9 years ago today. Never forgotten ♥

My Twitter claim to fame.

Flicking through this months Company Magazine, I was just casually browsing through all the pages, when I came to this particular page. It's nothing big, and it's nothing remotely amazing, but when I saw my little Twitter name near the bottom of the 'Your best tweets and chats' section', I have to say it made my day a little. Totally didn't expect it, and it makes me smile that they loved my silly tweet enough to publish it in the magazine. Imagine; all those tweets they get and I was one of the few that they chose. Smiley Lauren :)

Sorry this isn't a massive blog post, but I'm not really in the mood for a mammoth blog at the moment. Should be back to it tomorrow though :)

Hope you're all having a super lovely weekend


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Who is YOUR style icon?

Style Icons. Whether it be your favourite actress, model, soap star, or presenter, everyone has their favourite. If someone asked me who mine was, I'd have to give two answers; Gizzi Erskine and Victoria White. If you don't know who they are (HOW COULD YOU NOT?!), Gizzi is a TV chef and cookery presenter, and Victoria is the Editor of Company Magazine. Both are huge inspirations to me in the fashion stakes, just because they don't follow the norm.

Gizzi Erskine is one of the most stylish people around at the moment, and one of things I love is that she knows her own style, and isn't afraid to wear something a little bit different. Gizzi has the amazing ability to pull off outfits that wouldn't suit anyone else, and with her gorgeous fresh faced beauty, it's easy to see why so many people admire her. What I also adore is that whether she's going to a red carpet event, or presenting on the Television, her fashion shines through, and shows just how much of a fashionista she really is. I love her vintage/60's twist, especially her super cute dresses, brogues and her statement beehive hairstyle. Definitely a true style icon in my eyes.

My other icon, Victoria White, is just as stylish and beautiful as Gizzi but in a completely different way. Looking through her Editor Style Spy blog on the Company website, I always get a huge case of the green eyed monster. Showcasing designers such as L.K Bennett, Whistles and Reiss, makes her style that little bit more special. Whether she's wearing satin black trousers and a white ruffled blouse, a knee length skirt and blouse, or just a plain t-shirt and cropped jeans, Victoria always looks, well, stylish. Don't get the wrong idea though, she also wears many different high street labels as well, such as New Look and River Island. She's got to be fashionable in her job, and I definitely think she's managed to do just that.

So, that's who my favourite style icons are, what about everyone elses? Would love to know, I'm extremely interested to know :)


New face on the block

Gemma Arterton

She's only 24 years old, but already she's proving to be a huge hit on the big screen. With hits such as St Trinian's, Quantum of Solace and Clash of the Titans under her belt, it's quite easy to see that Gemma is on her way to becoming extremely successful. She may not be as well known as many other actresses at the moment, but give her a few months, and there is no doubt we will be seeing more and more of Gemma.

As well as her fantastic acting skills, she also has a truly unique and classic sense of style. Known for wearing short dresses and cute skirts, or baggy jeans, vests and blazers, she always gets it right. Gemma is delicately beautiful, and has that fresh faced beauty thousands of women would die for. One for getting away without wearing any make up, she's the envy of many. Maybe all of this success and praise would of gone straight to her head, but not this girl.

Extremely down to earth, and very grounded, Gemma knows where she's going, and what she wants out of life. She seems to take everything with a pinch of salt, and isn't one for the whole Hollywood scene. Seen quoted in this months Glamour Magazine, Gemma says: "Hollywood? Give me a dodgy old pub any day." It's these words of wisdom and humour that have won her place in everybody's hearts, and it's obvious Gemma has so much more to conquer.

See Gemma Arterton in her latest film, Tamera Drewe, out tomorrow in all cinemas.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Work Experience- why is it so hard?

I don't know about anyone else searching for Work Experience, but for me, it's proved to be one of the most difficult things to do. I honestly thought it'd be extremely easy to bag something with a magazine, and bam, there you go. Obviously not. I have sent out copious amounts of emails, that it's not even funny anymore. I've had a tiny amount of replies, all saying that I've been unsuccessful or they don't have any spaces. Surely there is something out there calling my name? I'm talented, I'm a good writer, I'm passionate and I'm sure as hell incredibly ambitious. If it's this hard to get work experience, how hard is it going to be to bag a proper job?

I totally understand that the Magazine Industry is one of the most difficult to get into, and now I know why. There are thousands of people all over the Country applying for the same magazines, sending the same emails. Some people have better qualifications and better prospects than I do, and some don't. I've had no other work experience before, but that's because I haven't been given the chance. All I want is to spend a week or two in a well known magazine, getting to know the industry that I'm going to be working in when I graduate from University. Is that really TOO much to ask for?

I know I'm not the only one in this position, but right now, it feels like I am. I'm getting extremely disheartened, and I don't know how many more emails I can possibly send out. It's the worst feeling in the world when you send out 10-20 emails, and get NO reply. Yes, the people we are emailing are very busy, but I just want someone to take pity on me and offer me something.

So, if someone important is reading this, I'm a great writer and I make a mean cup of tea! Promise :)


Monday, 6 September 2010

London Love ♥

London has to be one of my all time favourite cities in the world. Everyone goes on about how busy and bustling it is, but that's one of the things I absolutely love about it. Whenever I take a trip down there, I just feel like I totally belong. There is always so much to do; whether that be shopping in Oxford Street, drinking cocktails in a local bar, or going to the theatre, there is no doubt that you will find something to keep you occupied. I don't get to go down there as much as I would like too, but I guess that makes the times that I do visit extra special. I'm actually going down there next month with one of my friends for the day, and we have so much planned, I can tell it will be a great day.

Another thing I love about London is that it's home to some of the best magazines in Britain. Not far from one another is Cosmopolitan, Company and Glamour. What's not to love about that? Obviously this won't appeal to everyone, but seeing as I'm a Magazine Journalism student, it's fantastic for me. Not that I would actually have the guts to go in there and bravely ask for Work Experience, but hey, that's a different matter.

Basically, I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I think many people need to give London a chance. Yes, it's crazy busy and hectic, but that's what adds to the sheer joy of it all. It's a simply amazing place to visit, and I can only imagine how fun it'd be to live there permanently. & yes, I know that many people do look awfully miserable in the mornings, but I'm hoping that's just to do with the fact they don't want to go to work (!!).

London is beautiful, and it's definitely a place that will always remain close to my heart. (& it's somewhere I really want to live!!)

My new Fashion Bible

I have totally fallen in love with High Street Edit; no word of a lie. Filled to the brim with copious amounts of gorgeous clothes, accessories, handbags and more, it's something every girl should always have. It's lovely to see a magazine feature clothes that everyone can afford, instead of just focusing mostly on the high priced designer clothes. There is a huge variety throughout this magazine, and that's what I simply adore about it. As well as the essentials, there's also some super cute nail art and information about the history of fashion and perfume bottles. It honestly doesn't surprise me that Company Magazine have come up trumps once again, and I will definitely be purchasing High Street Edit again. It's a huge thumbs up from me, and I'm pretty sure many others will agree.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

The lows of a man.

What is it with the male species? Do they have a gene in them that demands they act like complete retards? Or that they aren't allowed to think about anyone else's feelings, just theirs? Sound familiar ladies? Well, it probably does because these days, men are just, well, awful. They have no consideration for women, assume that you know what they are thinking, how they are feeling, and whether or not they want you to pass them the remote control. There are still a considerable amount out there that still feel women should stay put in the kitchen, act like a little kitten and definitely not express an opinion. Now, this infuriates me. We have every right as strong willed women to say what we feel, what we want and most definitely what we bloody well think.

Men have it too easy nowadays, and they don't even realise. Since when were they allowed to get away with treating us like rubbish? Lie to us through their back teeth, all whilst saying "I would never lie to you babe." We believe them because they're standing there looking us straight in the eye, with a genuine look on their faces. It's only months down the line that you realise what lying little stinking pigs they really are. My mum's friends "boyfriend", (and I use the term boyfriend very, very loosely) at the moment is under SO much pressure, and can't handle a proper relationship. He's in his 40's, living with his mum, and is acting like it's the end of the world. He goes quiet on her, won't text or call her back, and has recently just stood her up after promising to go out with her for a meal.

Come on guys; is it that hard to communicate with us now? All it takes is one measly phone call or text, and bam, done. But no, it's just too much hard work it seems. Men need to pull their fingers out and realise what they've got in this world. Girlfriends who will stand by them no matter what, and long suffering wives who think they can do no wrong. I'm betting that some men certainly do not worship their other halves as much as they worship them. And this bloody annoys me. It should be 50/50 in a relationship, and both should work together, but it just doesn't seem to work like that anymore.

I'm no expert on relationships, I'll put my hand up straight away, but after seeing so many failed attempts at relationships from some of my best friends, I think I'd prefer to stay single for a long while yet. I don't want to be kept hanging around, wondering whether he'll call, or whether I'm fantastic in bed. Who wants to worry themselves to death over whether he's remembered the dinner you're cooking for him, or whether he's forgotten your birthday/anniversary.

If you ask me, and even if you don't ask me, I'm going to tell you, staying single is so very appealing to me at the moment. No one to share a lovely big bed with, no one to worry over when they go out (in case they act like the pigs that some of them can be), and no one to splash your hard earned cash on. Come on girls, if you haven't got a boyfriend, then don't worry. Celebrate being single while you can, because if I'm being honest, it's fun, it's exciting, it's sexy and it's a hell of a lot less worrying than being with someone you don't (or can't) trust.

Now, what would YOU prefer?

Style Crush: Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil has a gorgeous and unique sense of style, and wears outfits that others probably wouldn't even think (or dare!) to try. She is a delicately beautiful young woman, who totally knows what suits her. Whether that be super cute dresses, or oversized cardigans and skinny jeans, Jameela is definitely a true style icon. If I'm being honest, I had no idea who she was a few months ago, but after discovering her column in Company Magazine (jealous!), I've started to follow her fashion and writing a hell of a lot more. As well as being very up to date with the latest fashion, she's also a fantastic writer and I simply adore what she has to say when she's writing her monthly column. She's had so much abuse on Twitter that it's a bit of a joke, but to be honest I'm guessing it's just jealousy. She's incredibly beautiful, and she definitely knows what to wear, and how to wear it.

Me? Jealous? Definitely!!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Life is precious- stop being so nasty!

After reading Jameela Jamil's latest column in Company Magazine, I am honestly startled at how bitchy certain girls can be these days. I'm not denying that I have my moments of catty comments, and judgemental looks up and down, but sometimes I draw a line between silly gossip and plain venom. Have we been brought up so terribly that we have to resort to making someone elses life so miserable? We are supposed to be joined together, celebrate our sisterhood, and make the most of what we have in life. Of course not everyone is going to get along, but we could at least try.

Everywhere I go, I'm always witnessing other girls looking you up and down like you're a piece of rubbish. If you haven't got the right outfit on, then you've done something wrong. If your hair isn't sitting right or in the latest fashion, then you should be reported to the fashion police. If your shoes don't match with your belt or handbag, well, you should just turn around and go straight home. Silly isn't it? That this is what our world is like these days, and that we have to feel like we are doing something wrong, just because we may be having an off day.

Come on girls, we aren't living through London Fashion Week, and not all of us have copious amounts of money to spend on designer clothes, shoes and accessories. We need to pull together and try and get along, instead of acting like the bitchy Regina George from Mean Girls. I certainly don't want to be remembered for acting like a first class bitch, and shooting poisonous comments out of my mouth as regularly as someone goes shopping.

Twitter and Facebook are prime examples of when girls sharpen their claws, and unleash them on unexpecting victims. They can create an account, choose to be anonymous, and send as much abuse as they want. They have no qualms about doing such things, and this is incredibly worrying. Seriously people, do you not have a life? This is so concerning that girls of all ages are subjecting people they DON'T even know, to months of pure misery.

Girls, so what if you aren't a size 10? Or you don't have perfect hair, or the right shoes, or you don't always wear the latest fashion. Life is about so much more than the exterior, and it's about time others started to realise that. If you're beautiful on the inside, then you will always be beautiful on the outside, and always believe that.

Anyway, who wants to waste a precious life being a complete bitch?

Friday, 3 September 2010

I've been naughty with my credit card..

I've been naughty with my credit card again, and as a result, I have hardly any money left in my bank-oops! However, I just couldn't resist again, and I'm super pleased with what I came away with.

I bought these today from New Look, and aren't they just adorable? As soon as I spotted them, I knew I just had to own a pair. They were £22.99 but with the good ole student discount, I got them for a bargain price of £20.69! How fab is that?! Anyway, I'm not normally a fan of high heels, and whenever I go out for the night, I always favour flats instead, but these were an exception. I just couldn't resist, because they are so cute, and they'll go with literally everything.

This is the front of the shoe and I think it totally sets off the rest of the shoe, and 100% jazzes it up, and I could sit here and write about how much I'm in love with them, but I won't, so I'll just leave this picture on here so you can see for yourself!

I've also bought recently the CUTEST pair of boots for winter, and I'm not going to lie, they are adorable. I bought them from Next, and they were only £22, which I thought was brilliant, seeing as Next can be so incredibly expensive sometimes. I've bought them for when I go to New York mainly, as the boots I have at the moment aren't even worth wearing, that's how bad they are. But these ones are cosy and warm, and they go with pretty much anything in my wardrobe, which is always an added bonus!

So, that's what my poor credit card has been purchasing recently; I shouldn't be buying so much, but hey, a girl can never have too much in her wardrobe! What has everyone else been buying? Make me feel less guilty for bashing my credit card!


Thursday, 2 September 2010

Welcome Zara, to the online fashion world!

As from today, Zara has joined the virtual world, and launched their website for the very first time. No more trawling around your local shopping centres, freaking out about the fact that the perfect dress has sold out, and the endless queue for the changing rooms. Zara is one of the most well known clothes line within the fashion industry, and with the news of it's website opening today, it has made many fashion lovers happy.

I went on there not so long ago to have a little browse, and my credit card is already shaking in it's little plastic boots. From super cute dresses, to oversized shirts, to gorgeous cardigans and jumpers, Zara really hasn't disappointed. The website is also very up to date, techno, and totally cute, and it's so very obvious it's going to be a huge hit within the female population!

Go Zara!


New clothes (ooops..)

I told myself that I would no longer be buying new clothes for a while, mainly because I'm an incredibly poor student. However, that all went out the window when I last went to my local shopping centre. You'll probably agree, but it has to be said that H&M have loads of super cute clothes, shoes & accessories in at the moment. When I last went in, I was very good and only purchased one thing (gasp!!), which was this beautiful top.

I'll put my hands up now, it's not the most fantastic picture, but it does show most of what I'm trying to show you. It only cost me £14.99, which I thought was a total bargain, and it's simple, yet so cute. It's perfect for wearing on a night out with the girls, teamed with a pair of black leggings, and either high heels or some simple flats.

This is the back of the top, and how delicate and gorgeous is it? There is lace all down the sides of both arms, and halfway down the back as well. It completely transforms what would normally be quite a boring style, and it totally jazzes it up. When worn, it just looks so good, that I couldn't resist it. Hey, £15 is hardly going to break the back, right?



I saw this on someone else's blog, and thought it'd be a great way for all you lovely bloggers to get to know me a little better :-)

1) What is your favourite fashion magazine?

I couldn't possibly choose between Company, Cosmopolitan and Glamour. I've grown up with Glamour Magazine, and I adore it, but the other two are just as good. All three will always be my favourites.

2) Who is your favourite singer/band?

My favourite singers have to be Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Both are extremely talented, totally unique and their songs are always one of a kind. I don't particularly have a favourite band, I prefer solo singers.

3) Who is your favourite YouTube guru?

I never use YouTube, so I couldn't possibly say. To be honest, I have no idea who uses YouTube, so this is a pretty pointless question for me- sorry!

4) What is your favourite make-up product?

I literally cannot live without mascara. The one pictured is what I have at the moment, and even though I wasn't 100% keen on it when I first purchased it, I know love it. It's thick, without being too clumpy, and makes my lashes look amazing. I would definitely recommend it, and I didn't mind spending £10.99 on it!

5) Where would you like to live?

New York is the most beautiful city in the world, and it's somewhere I've always imagined myself living. It's where all dreams can come true, and once I've graduated from University, this is where I'm heading.

6) What is your favourite film?

The most beautiful film I've ever seen in my whole life. Beautiful storyline, beautiful characters, beautiful scenery. I absolutely adore Kate Winslet, and I honestly think this was her best film. I've seen too many times to remember, and it never fails to make me cry like a little baby.

7) How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Too many. I have boots, flats, heels, gladiator sandals... to be honest, I have pretty much everything. I love shoes, but hey, what girl doesn't love shoes?

8) What is your favourite colour?
I love purple. Oh, and I also love dark blue, for clothes anyway. Black is cute when it's used for clothing/shoes, but anything else, then it's just a big no no!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Glamour Magazine V Company Magazine?

Glamour V Company? They are two of the biggest selling glossy magazines in the UK, and they're both incredibly popular with the majority of the female (and male!!) population. The question is, what one do you prefer? They both have their pros, and I guess some people could draw out some cons from both of them, but I just don't think I could possibly choose my favourite. Glamour has been my all time love ever since I was about 16 years old. Seriously, I would buy it every month without fail, and would laugh/cry at whatever they were writing about. After a while, I guess I outgrew it for a while, and that's where Company Magazine came into my life.

Company Magazine has it all. The look, the feel, the whole shiny package. They always have some of the most amazing stars gracing the front cover, and the whole general feel about it is just 5 star rating to me. I absolutely adore the informal and chatty tone of the features, and I love the interviews with the celebrities. The fashion pages are to die for, and I could go crazy lusting after everything that has been reviewed.
So, I guess this sounds like I prefer Company, but I don't.

I'm just weighing up both sides of both magazines, because Glamour has it all as well. The pictures, the features, the interviews, the snazzy little editors letter, and the Glamour Awards; it's just delicate and awesome. I got back into reading it about a month ago, and I've suddenly started to love it all over again. It's so cute and precious, how could I have gone so long neglecting it?

Glamour started off my love affair with glossy magazines, so it'd be 100% rude to turn my back against it all over again.

I love reading them both as much as I love handbags and nights out, and I know I will still love them for years to come. Both magazines aim to please all age generations, and I know I won't be alone in thinking they manage to do just that. It is definitely my dream to end up working for one of these.

I would love to know what all of your favourite magazines are? Are you a Glamour/Company kinda girl, or do you sway more towards the fashion and beauty mags? I'm nosy, so tell tell tell! :)

So I will leave you with your thoughts on what your favourite is, while I go off and daydream about the day I will end up working on one of these lovely glossies.