Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Glamour Magazine V Company Magazine?

Glamour V Company? They are two of the biggest selling glossy magazines in the UK, and they're both incredibly popular with the majority of the female (and male!!) population. The question is, what one do you prefer? They both have their pros, and I guess some people could draw out some cons from both of them, but I just don't think I could possibly choose my favourite. Glamour has been my all time love ever since I was about 16 years old. Seriously, I would buy it every month without fail, and would laugh/cry at whatever they were writing about. After a while, I guess I outgrew it for a while, and that's where Company Magazine came into my life.

Company Magazine has it all. The look, the feel, the whole shiny package. They always have some of the most amazing stars gracing the front cover, and the whole general feel about it is just 5 star rating to me. I absolutely adore the informal and chatty tone of the features, and I love the interviews with the celebrities. The fashion pages are to die for, and I could go crazy lusting after everything that has been reviewed.
So, I guess this sounds like I prefer Company, but I don't.

I'm just weighing up both sides of both magazines, because Glamour has it all as well. The pictures, the features, the interviews, the snazzy little editors letter, and the Glamour Awards; it's just delicate and awesome. I got back into reading it about a month ago, and I've suddenly started to love it all over again. It's so cute and precious, how could I have gone so long neglecting it?

Glamour started off my love affair with glossy magazines, so it'd be 100% rude to turn my back against it all over again.

I love reading them both as much as I love handbags and nights out, and I know I will still love them for years to come. Both magazines aim to please all age generations, and I know I won't be alone in thinking they manage to do just that. It is definitely my dream to end up working for one of these.

I would love to know what all of your favourite magazines are? Are you a Glamour/Company kinda girl, or do you sway more towards the fashion and beauty mags? I'm nosy, so tell tell tell! :)

So I will leave you with your thoughts on what your favourite is, while I go off and daydream about the day I will end up working on one of these lovely glossies.


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