Saturday, 4 September 2010

Life is precious- stop being so nasty!

After reading Jameela Jamil's latest column in Company Magazine, I am honestly startled at how bitchy certain girls can be these days. I'm not denying that I have my moments of catty comments, and judgemental looks up and down, but sometimes I draw a line between silly gossip and plain venom. Have we been brought up so terribly that we have to resort to making someone elses life so miserable? We are supposed to be joined together, celebrate our sisterhood, and make the most of what we have in life. Of course not everyone is going to get along, but we could at least try.

Everywhere I go, I'm always witnessing other girls looking you up and down like you're a piece of rubbish. If you haven't got the right outfit on, then you've done something wrong. If your hair isn't sitting right or in the latest fashion, then you should be reported to the fashion police. If your shoes don't match with your belt or handbag, well, you should just turn around and go straight home. Silly isn't it? That this is what our world is like these days, and that we have to feel like we are doing something wrong, just because we may be having an off day.

Come on girls, we aren't living through London Fashion Week, and not all of us have copious amounts of money to spend on designer clothes, shoes and accessories. We need to pull together and try and get along, instead of acting like the bitchy Regina George from Mean Girls. I certainly don't want to be remembered for acting like a first class bitch, and shooting poisonous comments out of my mouth as regularly as someone goes shopping.

Twitter and Facebook are prime examples of when girls sharpen their claws, and unleash them on unexpecting victims. They can create an account, choose to be anonymous, and send as much abuse as they want. They have no qualms about doing such things, and this is incredibly worrying. Seriously people, do you not have a life? This is so concerning that girls of all ages are subjecting people they DON'T even know, to months of pure misery.

Girls, so what if you aren't a size 10? Or you don't have perfect hair, or the right shoes, or you don't always wear the latest fashion. Life is about so much more than the exterior, and it's about time others started to realise that. If you're beautiful on the inside, then you will always be beautiful on the outside, and always believe that.

Anyway, who wants to waste a precious life being a complete bitch?

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