Friday, 24 September 2010

Style Crush: Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker has always been a huge style icon of mine, and I literally cannot count how many times I've wished I was her (or owned her wardrobe!!). Ever since I first saw her in Sex and the City, she's been the envy of many girls all over the world. Her dresses are classy, and breathtakingly beautiful, the handbags are world class, and please do not get me started on her collection of stunning shoes. There are so many people out there that continously go on about how ugly she is, but it's something I've always disagreed on. Okay, so she isn't "oh my god" beautiful, but she certainly isn't ugly; far from it to be honest.

It's 100% jealousy, and I really do think it's quite pathetic. There is so much hate these days, and I just don't understand why. Half of it is probably because she's so successful and well known, and her fans outrule the ones that don't like her.

As well as her classically fabulous wardrobe, I also love her as an actress. As well as her main roles in SATC, there are a handful of her other films I've just adored. She's a true born actress, and plays all of her roles so perfectly. She always manages to put her all into everything she does, and I definitely think it all comes through when she's acting.

Sarah Jessica Parker is definitely a true legend, and a very fashionable one at that!