Saturday, 11 September 2010

9/11 ♥

So 9 years ago today, 3,000 lives were taken away. It feels like only yesterday that I walked into my friends front room, on my first day of high school, and saw the horrific events unfolding on the Television screen. To this day, it still absolutely disgusts me that this actually happened, and so many innocent lives were destroyed. Nobody asks to be killed, just like nobody wanted 9th September 2001 to be remembered for all the wrong reasons. I cannot begin to imagine what the families were going through when they saw what was happening on the TV, through their windows or standing in front of the World Trade Centres. It was bad enough for us in England having to see the pain, trauma and shock on the victims faces through the TV screen, but to be there in New York, seeing it as it happened? Just horrendous.

Imagine being so scared, and so frightened of what is happening, that you have no control over anything. You know that you are going to die, but there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it from happening. You don't know what's going on, or why it's going on, all you know that something truly horrific is taking place, and you don't know why. I was extremely close to tears watching it on the Television, and watching those poor people jumping from the buildings to the ground, well, I can't even put into words how sad and shocking it really was.

9 years ago today, and 3,000 lives were gone. 3,000 people that had so much to live for, to celebrate, to enjoy their lives. 3,000 families, mothers, daughters, sons, friends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, lost someone exceptionally close to them. I cannot begin to comprehend how they feel every single year, or how they felt on that particular day.

All I can do is give respect, and remember how incredibly lucky I really am.

RIP everyone that passed away 9 years ago today. Never forgotten ♥

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