Saturday, 11 September 2010

My Twitter claim to fame.

Flicking through this months Company Magazine, I was just casually browsing through all the pages, when I came to this particular page. It's nothing big, and it's nothing remotely amazing, but when I saw my little Twitter name near the bottom of the 'Your best tweets and chats' section', I have to say it made my day a little. Totally didn't expect it, and it makes me smile that they loved my silly tweet enough to publish it in the magazine. Imagine; all those tweets they get and I was one of the few that they chose. Smiley Lauren :)

Sorry this isn't a massive blog post, but I'm not really in the mood for a mammoth blog at the moment. Should be back to it tomorrow though :)

Hope you're all having a super lovely weekend



  1. Thats awesome. Must have been super exciting to see your name.

  2. Yesss definitely! Even though it was only something small, it still made me smile :)