Wednesday, 27 October 2010

X Factor: to mime or not to mime?

So, there I was watching this week's X Factor, completely absorbed in whatever act was strutting their stuff, when they announced that Cheryl Cole was about to sing 'live'. There are countless famous singers that actually do the decent thing and sing live, but Cheryl is obviously not one of them. It really infuriates me because she's supposed to be a judge of a singing competition, where live performances are essential. How can she perform on that same very programme, and just mime the whole song? Apparently, because her dancing was so action packed, she was unable to sing at the same time. Okay, so if it's that hard, how come Usher, Jason Derulo and many others manage to do it all without trouble? It just seems to me that it's all a load of bull, and because it's the "amazing" Cheryl Cole, she gets away with it. Michael Buble, who also performed on the X Factor, was accused of miming, but seriously, could anyone not tell that he WAS ACTUALLY SINGING LIVE? There are a hell of a lot of difference between these two particular acts, and it was quite blatant to see who was live, and who was miming. I honestly do not see the fascination with Cheryl, and after this shoddy, and quite pathetic performance, my hatred for her has continued to grow even more.

Well done Chezza, you've managed to prove JUST why I cannot stand you and your harsh little accent.

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