Saturday, 9 October 2010

This month..

Once again, it's time for the glossies to come out, and I get so excited! I could seriously spend all my money on my favourite magazines, and not feel guilty about spending between £5-£10 on them. It's my little obsession, and I always tell myself "It's helping me for my degree", so it's fine!

My friends and I were discussing our favourites recently, and we came to the conclusion that although Glamour can be good to read, it's almost definitely aimed for women that are much older than we are. Their features are mainly focused on careers, the future, and how everyone got where they are now. Cosmopolitan mainly focuses on men, sex, and how to get a fantastic sex life. My friends aren't particularl
y keen on Cosmo, and although it's considerably more expensive, I have a HUGE love for Cosmo! However, my favourite is Company and it's perfectly aimed towards me and my friends. Serious love for it!

What's everyone else's favourite magazine? Are you a Company/Cosmo girl like me, or do you steer more towards Vogue, Elle? :)

Ooh, before I forget, THE cutest nail varnish came free with Cosmopolitan this month. Three different ones to choose from, and seeing as this one was the only one left, I went with it. I applied last night, and it's super cute and lovely. Very understated but that's what I love about it! Gotta love a freebie ;)

How gorgeous is the colour? It's not too much, yet it's still noticeable and super cute :)

Also this week, I went into New Look and bought a new knitted jumper. It was one of those moments when you try it on, absolutely love it, buy it, take it home & then decide you don't like it that much. I took it home and now I'm really not sure about it. It's quite cute and that, but I just don't know whether it suits me, and whether or not I will wear it. It was only £20, and it was 20% discount, but I'm in a bit of a pickle at the moment.

What does everyone think? Okay, I admit it isn't a GREAT photo, but you can kinda see it, right? I'm steering towards taking it back? :/ You can't see it in this picture, but there's a zip down the back, and I think that's why I bought it, because it makes it look 10x better than it would without it. I'm so indecisive!!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings about clothes. Hopefully going to be doing another post soon with pictures of my room in my new flat! Fingers crossed though that I can take a photograph with all of it in, my room is too big!!

for now lovelies,



  1. I agree with you with the whole Company and Cosmo magazines. I love them both too. Company definitely has the edge though. Yes spending that much on magazines will help you with your degree. That's what I tell myself anyway! :) x

  2. I love company magazine too its my favourite. I am so like this, I will go buy millions of magazines and pretend that its all okay because they will help - tearing out photos to make scrap books mainly! :P


  3. I think everyone prefers Company Magazine, just because it's aimed more towards us! :) Spending that much money on it is perfectly acceptable :p xx