Saturday, 2 October 2010

True Inspiration

Everyone has an inspiration throughout life, and whoever it may be, they make a pretty big impact upon us. I've been thinking about who mine is, and although I have a few, I've decided to just write about the main one; Gizzi Erskine. Now, you've probably already read previous blog posts about her, such as her fashion, cookery book, etc etc, but in this particular blog post, I just want to focus on everything. So, I might ramble on a bit, and for that I apologize, but sometimes, we've just got to go with the flow!

Gizzi Erskine is a bit of a culinary legend in my eyes, and ever since discovering what she does, and being given her beautiful cookery book for my birthday, I've grown to like her even more. She's one of the very few celebrity chefs around at the moment that is still so incredibly down to earth. She's still got her feet planted firmly on the ground, and she certainly doesn't seem to have lost sight of where she's come from, and it's so refreshing to see. Our world has become so scarily stuffy recently, and Gizzi is a true breath of fresh air, which is so needed right now.

I've never been one for cooking mega complicated and long winded recipes (I'm a student, give me a break!!), but her recipes are so easy to follow, and even I can understand them! Her book is deliciously beautiful, and even though I'm so very fussy with food, there are recipes in there that I absolutely love. It's one of the best cookery books I've ever come across, and for such a small price to pay, it's worth every single penny. Now I've moved into my new flat, it's perfect for me and flatmate to follow. There will almost certainly be many cook offs for the next year, which I'm so excited about! Ranging from creamy mashed potato, chocolate brownies, southern fried chicken and salads, there really is a huge variety of choice for everyone.

Another thing I absolutely adore about Gizzi is how lovely she is towards her fans. Follow her on Twitter, and there is no doubt that she will always reply to anything anyone has to ask her. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her, and she will always do her best to give you an answer. I've been following her since I signed up, and she's always replied to me. There are so many celebrities on Twitter that just cannot be bothered to speak to their fans, that it's so lovely to see someone that takes the time to actually be nice. Some celebrities need to realise that their fans are half of the reason they got where they are today, which Gizzi certainly does.

Gizzi has endless talents to her name, and it's actually quite amazing how many talents she does have. Not only does she cook and present, she also writes for different magazines (so jealous of her writing for Company Magazine!!), DJ's in her spare time, and she's just recently hooked up with Innocent and created a pop up restaurant in London. How cool is that?

Not only is she super fashionable and majorly talented, she's also exquisitely beautiful and incredibly lovely. She's a true inspiration to everyone I think, and she is certainly one to look out for. Her future seems to be very bright, and I definitely think we'll be hearing more from her.

Oh, and she also loves Percy Pigs. Legend.


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