Monday, 15 March 2010


after reading this month's company magazine, i can't believe how popular blogging has become! it's actually quite crazy, but at the same time, very smart. i started my blog at the end of last year, and since then, i absolutely love updating everyone on what is going on in lauren's world, the things i love and the things i hate. okay, so not everyone is going to be remotely interested in what i'm passionate about, but imagine writing something so inspiring, that you get discovered? i'm sure i'm not the only one that wouldn't mind being sat front row at new york fashion week! i've caught the fashion bug after being giving the amazing opportunity to go to Roland Mouret's fashion show at paris fashion week. seriously, no words can describe how amazing it was, and how privileged i really felt, especially when I saw anna wintour!

now don't get me wrong, i'm not someone that experiences with all these unique and crazy fashion trends. i'm pretty much set in my ways at the moment, i like what i wear, and i love the way i wear them. i am who i am, and i can't see me changing that for a while. anyway, after spending a few minutes browsing through some of the most popular fashion blogs, i have to admit that it makes me yearn to be adventurous with clothes, and be so bloody passionate about all the upcoming trends. however, as much as i love fashion, i'm really not a die hard fan.

my passion lies in magazines and writing; believe me when i say that i love to write. i could spend days on end writing about absolutely anything and everything, as long as it interests me more than 10%. if i could choose a particular subject, it would probably be columns circulating on celebrities, real life and funny experiences. my choices pretty much sum me up as a person, and i like to think that it comes through in my style of writing.

my favourite fashion blog is i think it's absolutely inspirational and pretty amazing that this girl is so involved in the fashion world, and writes with so much warmth and knowledge. if i didn't know, i honestly wouldn't think she was only 13 years old. pure respect!

to be honest, i think i've rambled on for quite enough now, so i'll leave you to bore yourself to sleep reading this, while i look at my striped socks and black patent shoes and think "why?"


  1. and you are a good writer! first time checking out your blog! and got to say, you are a smart one!

  2. wow, only just got this comment! thank you so much, you are very kind (: