Saturday, 27 March 2010

deep thoughts

sat here back at home, i've suddenly started thinking about this past year at university. it's rather quite scary to think about how quickly my first year has gone, and i can honestly say that it still feels like only yesterday i was moving into halls. how time flies when you're having fun i suppose! i'm quite sad that i won't be living in hamwic next year, as i've grown to love my room and my flatmates, and i'm really not ready to leave it quite yet. i remember in my first ever lecture, my lecturer saying first year will fly by and me clearly thinking she was just bluffing, well, look where i am now. i have literally not even a month left before we finish for good. how the hell am i going to be a second year so soon?

i've changed a hell of a lot as well, and i love being so independent. i've grown in confidence and i've also made some truly amazing friends since i've been in southampton. i love my course, and i hope second year is just as memorable as first year was. to be honest, i've never believed in the quote "life is way to short", more so than i do right now.

so this post is to my amazing first year at university, the amazing friends i've made and the amazing, memorable and also quite messy nights we've succumbed to. something i'll definitely never forget


  1. its crazy to think first year is almost over :( i'm going to miss the tiny, messy flat to bits! xxx

  2. i know :( i honestly didn't think first year would be over SO soon!! bad timesss! xxx