Wednesday, 17 March 2010

shall we proceed in getting on it?

i am super excited for nicole's early birthday celebrations; tgi fridays & then oceana. bought a new skirt to wear tonight, and i'm getting in the mood to! alice in wonderland was absolutely amazing, probably the best film i've seen in a very long time! i love films when they're in 3D, always makes them that extra bit special. i have vodka and coke waiting for me, and if it wasn't still so early, then i think i'd be quite tempted to start drinking, without trying to seem like a total alcoholic. had such a manic day today, had a tutorial this morning with my lecturer which went really well, handed in my research folder (finally!), went into town and then asda, and i'm finally back in halls doing absolutely nothing, before i have to start getting ready for tonight!

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