Thursday, 25 March 2010

Guilty Pleasures

After seeing this brilliant idea on someone else's blog, I decided to give it a shot as well, let you dwell in my life :) how do you plead?

Crisps. They are my total weakness and downfall, and although I don't eat as much as I used too, I just can't get enough of them to be honest.

Michael Buble. Do I need to say anymore?

Getting overexcited about the little and simple things, and probably looking like a little kid!

When I used to go on Facebook, I used to join all the groups that related to me. All the time.

Reading everything that is related to Kate Winslet. Definitely my girl crush!

Spending too much money in New Look. That shop has definitely improved.

Moaning about every single thing in my life, it's just a habit I can't break. Everyone tells me to stop it, but then they always say they love me for it. That's just who I am!

Crying at Titanic every single time I watch it. Not afraid to admit that! Oh, and I also cried like a baby when I watched Marley & Me! So so sad.

Ordering the same thing everytime I get Chinese when I go home, definitely a guilty pleasure.

Watching Come Dine with Me all the time. If I could watch it 24/7, I probably would.

Overusing exclamation marks all the time, I can't seem to help it.

That's me :)

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