Saturday, 20 March 2010

new skirt

i bought this new skirt on wednesday from primark, and it was only £9, what a total bargain! i love it because it's got super cute bows all over it, and a huge bow across the top of the skirt as well. can't really see it that well in this picture, but trust me! anyway, it's high waisted which I was a bit dubious about at first, but then when I put it on with the rest of my outfit, I realised that it all goes really well together. I wore it out for nicole's early birthday celebrations, where we went to tgi fridays. i've dressed it down with flats, as i hardly ever wear heels, but I think it would look cute with black heels as well though. anyway, I thought I would post this as I just love it, although it's a really bad picture of me, and my room is a total mess :)

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