Wednesday, 29 December 2010


I'm addicted too:

-Nicki Minaj's album; Pink Friday.
-& Rihanna's as well; Loud.
-Getting healthy and eating well now that Christmas is over.
-Mac Cosmetics
-Shopping (what girl isn't?)
-'Friends'. I never used to watch it when it was still being filmed, but now I LOVE IT!
-Tumblr, and making my page as pretty as possible (
-The smell of my new perfume, and Victoria's Secret body mist.
-Writing down all my thoughts on my laptop, or in a notebook.
-Cute nail varnish.
-Pretty shoes.


  1. I havnt listened to Nicki Minaj's album, i dont know weather or not its the sort of stuff i would like. She seems to be everywhere at the mo though. xx

  2. It's seriously really good. I don't normally go in for the sort of stuff she does, but I really like it x