Thursday, 29 April 2010


i haven't posted on here for 12 days, i've just completely forgotten all about it! loads has happened since then anyway! i'm finally back at uni after spending three lovely weeks at home, i've got a flat with my friend for next year in milton road, and i've just handed in another two pieces of work yesterday, thank god! it's always such a huge weight off my shoulders when work goes in! and because of that, it was a very good reason to go to oceana and celebrate being brilliant with the magazine journalism girls :)

life is pretty swish at the moment i have to say! we break up for summer in like 3 weeks, and i'm seriously excited, it's going to be awesome! still cannot believe it's nearly the end of our amazing first year, i don't feel quite ready to be a second year just yet!!!!

aaaaah, i better go. i'm SO hungry, hangovers are NOT good! :D

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  1. you don't feel like a 2nd yr, you feel like a 3rd year, I DO ANYWAY aaaaaaaaaaaaaa ahahah and oof i need me lippy back biatch ;) love you x