Friday, 16 April 2010

Brighton ♥

I went to Brighton yesterday, and thankfully the weather was absolutely gorgeous! I went with my Mum, and I spent far too much money, but hey, I had my student loan sitting in my bank prettily, so hey, what a perfect excuse?! I bought loads of super cute stuff, and I would take pictures of my goodies, but I don't have my USB cable at home, so it'll have to wait until I'm back to Soton on Sunday! Anyway, spent like four hours there, and I now know why I love Brighton so much! I haven't been there in ages, and it's such a gorgeous city, so busy and bustling, and I love being near the sea as well. Always a hidden advantage ♥
As I've just said, I'm back to Uni on Sunday, and I'm insanely excited to see all the girls again. I've been home now for three weeks, and I've absolutely loved it. It's been lovely seeing my parents for longer than three days, and just relaxing, shopping and doing nothing really. I've managed to complete a huge block of my work, which is always a good feeling, and I've caught up with some of my friends as well, which is nice. Already planned to go to Wahoo Sunday night, and then down Bedford Place Tuesday night as well. I've missed the beautiful place of Soton, and I am eagerly looking forward to going back...

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