Saturday, 8 May 2010

goodbye first year

so, this time next week, first year will officially be all over! i cannot believe how quickly these last 8 months have gone, and it's also quite scary to think that i'm going to be a second year soon. to be honest, it still feels like only yesterday i was moving into halls, and physically fretting over whether i would enjoy my course, and make lots of new friends.
fast forward 8 months, and i'm loving it. seriously, i've made some brilliant friends, and even though i don't feel like i've learnt that much, i guess i probably have. my writing has improved a hell of a lot, and my designing has as well. even though my lecturers aren't fantastic, i'm still loving it loads. i never thought first year would be over this quickly, so this particular post is dedicated to the memorable, brilliant, fantastic, messy & fun first year as a solent fresher... bring on second year! :)

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