Saturday, 13 August 2011

Jennifer Aniston

Anyone that knows me will know just how much I adore Jennifer Aniston. She has everything going for her, and I'm insanely jealous of everything she has. Her beauty, her talent, her hair, her career, her fashion sense, etc etc, I could go on forever. She's super beautiful, and incredibly talented, and has worked so hard to get where she is today. She's a mega inspiration to me, because it shows that hard work gets you to where you want to be. I love every film she's starred in, and all I want to do is raid her wardrobe & find out who her hairdresser is. She's a total babe, and if I get to 42 and look that fantastic, well, everything will be fan-bloody-tastic. (I just want to be her, is that too much to ask for?)

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