Tuesday, 22 June 2010

woah, it's been a while

wow, i haven't blogged in a while have i? to be honest, i'm getting a bit bored of blogging about what happens in my life, and that's why i've kind of given up on it all. don't get me wrong, i love reading about my friends updates, and different kinds of reviews, but it just gets incredibly tedious talking about myself ALL the time. anyway, ermmm, what's new? it's my 20th birthday this Saturday, which i'm excited about, but also kinda freaked out by; i'm not going to be a teenager anymore; eeek!! also, i've just received my end of uni results, and i'm very very pleased to say i've PASSED my first year!! so so happy, best news ever :-D

i'm also moving into my flat on the 1st july, and it's come round so quickly, and i can't wait! it's going to be SO much fun, and on the 4th, i'm having loads of friends round to celebrate my birthday, and then heading onto wahoo; a fantastic first year tradition! so to be honest, life is pretty good at the moment, and that's why i haven't constantly been on here; it's also kinda pathetic that people stop following you if you don't update on here for a couple of days, how silly.

bye for now :) xo

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