Thursday, 18 February 2010

Last night

I went to Kaos last night for the first time since I've been at University, and it was brilliant! Me, Nicole, Charlie, Char, Sam, James and some others had pre drinks at Hamwic before we set off to Kaos, what a mission that was! I didn't really know what to expect to be honest, but it was so good, I have to admit. I am determined never to drink Kyroptonite ever again!! Probably the most lethal drink I've ever had to be honest! I've had loads of pictures tagged of me on Facebook, but seeing as I'm giving up Facebook for 40 days for Lent, I can only hope they aren't too bad!! I'm without Facebook until 29th March, and none of my friends think I'll be able to do it, but I'm determined I will! It's such a distracting thing, and half the time, I get so bored on it, so maybe it's a good thing to do? We'll see :)

Probably got the worst hangover ever today, and I feel dreadful. Me and Nicole went to Yates this afternoon for dinner, and I had to ask one of the staff for foil so I could take my burger home, cringe!! I think today is going to be spent doing absolutely nothing, I don't feel like I can do anything, ha! I'm going on a detox from today until next Wednesday, where we'll be going to Oceana! :)

Urghhh, bad times.

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