Tuesday, 9 February 2010

It's been a while

Feels like ages since I've written on here. I'm kinda stressing at the moment as we've got to produce a feature article for two different lecturers, and I'm completely stuck, I have no ideas whatsoever. Whenever I try to think of something, my mind just goes blank, so so annoying! Life is pretty good at the moment, and I've never been happier to be honest. Off to Oceana again tomorrow night with the Magazine Journalism girls which should be fab as always, and went out this Sunday just gone for Char's 20th birthday. A load of us went to Wahoo, and it was absolutely brilliant, I have to admit. The pictures that went on Facebook are hilarious, always a sign of a good night.

I'm going home this Friday until Monday morning as it's my Mum's birthday on Sunday, and I can't wait. Even though I've made a new life for myself in Southampton, I will always class Southbourne as my home, no matter what. It's just so nice to have a bit of peace and quiet, and catch up on everything I've missed while I'm at Uni. I never realised how much I took peace and quiet for granted until I started living in halls, and how much I love my double bed at home.

Anyway, gotta dash. lotsa love ♥

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