Thursday, 28 January 2010

life's a climb but the views great

had a fantastic night out last night with the course girls, was absolutely brilliant! love the girls, they're all amaaaazing! went to oceana and stayed till like 3am, was so much fun! drank too much, took too many pictures and danced until my legs hurt, but my god it was worth it. made me realise i've made some really fantastic friends, and that life is so so good at the moment.

going home tomorrow for the weekend, and i'm really looking forward to it to be honest! can't wait to see the family, and even though I have to work both days, I don't really care, it's good money!

this week's been pretty sweet to be honest, uni monday and tuesday and then two hours today, loves it. i have to say, i'm so grateful for these weekly tutorials, really is making a difference I have to say! :)

my god, I'm so tired, had 5 hours sleep so I think my bed is calling me! loves

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