Tuesday, 17 August 2010


has been a very, very good day. After writing my last post about Victoria White, I sent it to her on Twitter, she viewed it and in her words, LOVED it. Seriously, I cannot stop smiling right at this moment. She's said that she's mentioned it on her outfit blog on the Company Website, and I can honestly say that it's the biggest honour for me. All I want to do is get my blog noticed, and for people to recognise that I am a good writer, and that all I want to do is follow my dreams and ambitions. My blog has been mentioned a few times today now after that, mainly from the rest of the Company Magazine team, and I'm such a happy bunny right now! So, thank you to everyone that has read it, and passed it on. It's gained me a few more followers, and yeah, basically I'm getting there! I will, hand on heart, get daisykisses recognised even more! Until next time fellow bloggers :) X

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