Saturday, 21 August 2010

Style Crush: Jo Elvin

I have many style crushes within the Celebrity and Magazine scene, but Jo Elvin has to be the one that completely outshines the rest of them. She's incredibly classy and extremely beautiful, and it seems she's able to completely pull off every outfit she wears. Being the Editor of Glamour Magazine, you've got to know your fashion and probably wear all the latest outifts, and Jo manages to do this so perfectly. I've chosen this particular photograph as it's my absolute favourite, and the dress is so breathtakingly beautiful. Very few would be able to make this work, but it's completely transformed and she looks like a goddess. I'm so jealous of how pretty she is, and I would literally give my right arm for her wardrobe, (oh and her job!). It's nice to see someone other than the usuals, such as Cheryl Cole, Kate Moss, etc etc, stealing the limelight for once. Jo Elvin is a true style icon, and I totally admire & envy her!

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