Sunday, 22 August 2010

I've gone all deep!

I'm never one to draw attention to the things I can't do. I make the most of things I can do. I try to achieve everything that I've ever dreamed of doing, and I'm a half full glass kinda girl. I don't dwell on anything, because the past is that for a reason. We need to start looking towards the future, and the present, because we might just blink and miss it. We all need ambitions, aspirations and dreams. We all need something to wake up for in the morning, something to look forward too. Who wants to just drift in life? No goals, no fulfilling moments. Where's the enjoyment in that, may I ask? We're here to make our mark, and to have fun at the same time. We're the generation of the moment, so let's bask in it and savour every single little moment. Life is precious, and who knows what might happen around the corner. Live for today, and tomorrow might be just as good. Laugh till you cry, talk non stop, dance on tables, watch 4 films in a row, eat heaps of junk food, go for random drives, make someones day. Life is hard, and there will be tough times, but no one said it would be easy. They just said it would be worth every beautiful little second.

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