Monday, 16 August 2010

it's time to shop!

It's only the middle of August, yet the weather feels like we're going through the months of January/February! Gone are the days of sunbathing in the garden, swimming at the beach, and walking around with summer dresses and gladiator sandals. I know it's England we're talking about, but my god, our summers have been disappointing to say the least. However, on a lighter note, I love shopping for winter clothes and coming home with stock loads of purchases.
I've just made a polyvore all of my favourite a/w clothes, and I'm now excited to go out there and buy loads! At the moment, my favourites are definitely oversized jumpers and shirts, teamed with dark blue skinny jeans. In my opinion, jeans and jumpers are a staple favourite in our wardrobes, and they seem to never go out of fashion. I'm also in love with the biker look boots that are out at the moment, and if you find ones you like, then I'd definitely recommend you snap them up, before someone else does! They are super cute, and punky at the same time. All I can say now is; bring on pay day!

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