Saturday, 28 August 2010

Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has their guilty pleasures, whatever they may be. So, I thought I'd compile a list of what makes me smile with glee. If I had the time, and if I knew that all you lovely little bloggers wouldn't be bored, then I'd try and make this as picture heavy as possible, but I'd be here all day. Here are a few of my favourites, all for many different reasons.

Gizzi Erskine; Gizzi's Kitchen Magic

One of the best cookery books I've ever owned.

Some of my beautiful best friends

I love spending time with them, as much as I possibly can.

Rick Malambri

The most beautiful guy I've ever seen.

Company Magazine

The best magazine, in my eyes anyway.

Benefit Cosmetics

Yes, they may be expensive, but they are so bloody fantastic.


Well, what girl DOESN'T like Topshop?

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